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You can find your demand in IranPlast Group

You can find your demand in IranPlast Group

Iran Plast International Exhibition was held in 2002 for the first time in Iran. Iran Plast International Exhibition is one the largest plastic industry event in the Middle East. The exhibition is held every year at Tehran International Permanent Fairground. Until 2022 more than fifteen periods are held. The initiation of establishing this event belongs National Petrochemical Company.

The exhibition’s focus is to provide a background for the prosperity of the domestic plastics industry market and facilitate the global marketing process and present this part of the country’s industry in global markets as cited on Iran Plast International Exhibition’s official page.

the photo is the entrance of Hall 38 at Iran Plast Exhibition with attendees and visitors.
Iran Plast International Exhibition entrance

What type of business categories can attend the Iran Plast International Exhibition?

Iran Plast International Exhibition categories

The Exhibition covers four different categories:

  • Raw Materials,
  • Finished and Semi Finished Products,
  • Machinery & Equipment,
  • Services.
top view of one of the halls at Iran Plast exhibition
Iran Plast International Exhibition

Raw Material Section

Raw material refers to all types of petrochemical companies’ productions involved in downstream industries and sectors in one way or another, i.e., manufacturing semi-finished or finished products. Material such as polyethylene and ethylene, polypropylenes, granulates, compounds, auxiliaries, catalysts, polystyrene, masterbatches, rubbers, additives, etc.

Finished and Semi-finished Products Section

Finished and semi-finished products are products using petrochemical raw materials for manufacturing. All manufacturing companies that produce finished and semi-finished products like pipes and fitting, films and sheets, rubber parts, all types of films & sheets, construction products, composite parts, and packing products, like pallets and box pallets, packing and ware containers are the prospects to attend to this exhibition.   

Machinery & Equipment Section

All suppliers of machinery & equipment related to producing finished and semi-finished products are another category attending the Exhibition. The machinery & equipment can refer to mixers, injection, blow moulding, fiberglass machines, grinders, extruders & extrusion, heating, and cooling technology, compounding and recycling lines, printing machines, welding machines, automation equipment, measuring and test equipment, blow molding, injection, and rotation moulds, etc.

Service Section

Any service that can answer, facilitate and accelerate the above supplier’s process and procedure can be a part of the exhibition. Technical & engineering services, software providers, associations, subcontractors, consultants, lab and text services, transportation services, etc.  

top left photo is a booth of finished- products (plastic waste bin, Plastic Pallet & plastic box pallet). top right photo is a booth that present injection machine. right bottom photos are colored polymeric raw material in different small bottles. left bottom pho describes a business meeting about offering services to prospects.
Iran Plast International Exhibition covers four different categories; Raw Materials, Finished and Semi Finished Products, Machinery & Equipment & Services


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