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What is the plastic pallet?

What is the plastic pallet?

Shortly plastic pallet is a heavy homogeneous piece of plastic used in different industries. Of course, it is not as heavy as your refrigerator, but surely the plastic pallet helps the refrigerator in being transported, shipped, and moved.

the forklift wants to transport a LG refrigerator in a warehouse
LG refrigerator on Plastic Pallet

Pallet definition from Packaging outlook

From a packaging point of view, a Pallet is a vital tool in any supply chain, assisting the logistics process, stacking, transporting, and storing the goods in an optimized way. Pallets can load the bigger volume and heavier cargo weight as a unit at once. Nowadays, Plastic Pallets have opened a new outlook among different pallet types. The plastic nature assists in having more hygienic, safer, and better storing and logistics processes. Plastic pallets with a firmed corrosion–resistance, waterproof and contaminant-free structure assist users in using pallets comfortably.

a warehouse of Savola oil stacked in a rack
Savola oil on Plastic Pallet

Why is the plastic pallet used?

Here we answered this question by touching on different aspects of using plastic pallets in the entire supply chain.

Mainly, plastic pallets are more durable than other materials, and we can use them for years in any system. Furthermore, plastic pallets nearing the end of their lifespan can be recycled and reused as completely new plastic products, including crates, litter bins, bags, clothes hangers, and other plastic products for everyday usage.

Furthermore, when the plastic pallet lifespan ends in an industry, they can be used for individual purposes, such as pathways, flooring the yards or gardens, or bench.

Piles of plastic pallets made of recycled material
Plastic Pallets can be made of recycled material

Logistics & Operations

It can be claimed that almost in any industry, Plastic Pallets can be used. From a logistics and operations perspective, organizations must create a safe way to transport their goods from point A to B. Plastic Pallets facilitate this aim by stacking the goods in an organized manner as one united structure on the plastic pallet to move them easily. Plastic pallets are consistent in terms of size and entry dimensions. Plastic pallets are stable under all climatic conditions. Therefore, any compatible hand jack or forklifts can be used to move the pallets over time.

Clean and safe packaging of pomegranates on plastic pallet

Hygienic Concern

Plastic Pallets secure the storing and transporting the sensitive and vulnerable goods and materials that need hygienic concerns. Many products such as sanitary products, fruits, food materials, raw meats, beverages, pharmaceutical products, and many other raw materials or finished products are needed to keep in a clean room and away from damage in stocking or transporting; enjoy the use of plastic pallet world widely.

mineral water boxes and medicine cartons on the plastic pallet
Storing and transporting sensitive and hygienic goods on plastic pallet

Hazardous Goods Handling

Plastic Pallets are reliable for storing or transporting dangerous products such as flammable goods or chemical products. For instance, chemical fertilizers manufacturers and distributors can securely transport or keep the material with a low risk of human contact in the agriculture industry.

Storing dangerous chemical material on plastic pallet
Storing and transporting dangerous products by plastic pallet

Sanitizing Concern

Plastic pallets can be easily sanitized and washed with detergents without damaging the quality and material of the pallet. The plastic structure is highly strong against hot steam and washing material and therefore allows removing the germ or any accumulated contaminants from the pallet.

the process of washing plastic pallets
Plastic pallets are washable with detergents & hot steam

In short, a Plastic Pallet is one to suit every application.

Plastic Pallet in different models and colors
Plastic Pallet in different models and colors

Bellow we provide short answers for some frequent questions about plastic pallet. we provide you short but clear answer about safety and recycling plastic pallets, the life-span and usage of it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plastic Pallets:

Are Plastic pallets recyclable and sustainable?

Plastic pallets nearing the end of their lifespan can be recycled and reused the material for new plastic products.

How long can we use plastic pallets?

Plastic pallets are more durable than other materials. we can use plastic pallets for years (at least 10 years) considering how to treat the plastic pallet while the best lifespan of wooden pallets is 3 to 5 years.

Where can you use plastic pallets?

In short, everywhere we can use plastic pallets. Plastic pallets can be used in any industry:
Shipping & transportation, Automotive industry, FCGM, Dairy, Chemical, Fruit & vegetables,
Paper, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Water & beverage, Meat & protein, Poultry, Canned products, etc.

Are plastic pallets safe to use?

Plastic Pallets are resistant to moisture, chemicals, mold, and pests. Using plastic pallets, you will enjoy safely storing and transporting normal or sensitive and vulnerable goods.

Are plastic pallets suitable for chemical products?

In the chemical products industry, plastic pallets protect personnel and equipment, storage racks, and shipping vehicles from direct contact with the chemical material.