Plastic vs. Metal Waste Bin

PP & HDPE Injected Waste Containers Metal Waste Containers
SHOCK RESISTANCE HIGH LOW(deformed easily on impact)
SCRATCH RESISTANCE HIGH(colored in the mass) LOW(painted on the surface)
CORROSION RESISTANCE HIGH LOW(strong oxidation & rusting)
NOISE POLUTION HIGH REDUCTION(while replacement & waste insertion) HIGH INCREASE(while replacement & waste insertion)
USER SAFETY HIGH(rounded corners, smooth surfaces) LOW(heavy & sharp on the corners)
CUSTOMIZATION Hot stamp, mold-in logo, color, etc. Painting & sticker(limited durability)
HYGIENE HIGH(waterproof & easy to wash) LOW(difficult to wash due to cutting edges & oxidation)
EASE OF HANDLING (LIFTING/EMPTYING) HIGH(light-weighted & no refuse accumulation) LOW(heavy-weighted & refuse accumulation in angles)

* Box Pallet dimensions are subject to ±0.5% deviation.

** All technical data provided, have been tested under pre-defined conditions. Varying data may result from different conditions of usage such as temperature, loading method, and length of storage time. Our customer support team is pleased to be at your disposal to check the special requirements of your individual application.