About Us

IranPlast Group is the group of companies playing its part in creating the awareness and providing the means and opportunities to further develop effective Waste Management and Packaging tools. 
With decades of remarkable experience in Packaging Industries as well as Waste Management, IranPlast Group is the notable Middle-Eastern group specialized in Plastic Pallets, Box Pallet and Plastic Waste Containers for different usages.

  • Persian Sanat Ind. MFG. Co., as the 40-year old Manufacturer with series of up-to-date Injection Machines & equipment, today is capable to produce up to 50 Kg one-shot injected plastic products. 
  • Razak Chemie Ind. & MFG. Co., as the manufacturer of waste bins with over than 20 years’ experience in waste management industry is capable to produce the comprehensive ranges of Plastic Garbage Containers from 10 to 1100 Ltr. 
  • Parizad Inc., as the local commercial entity that is narrowed to contracting and export manufactured products of IranPlast Group. 
  • Mart Makers Ltd., as the abroad industrial trading establishment is highly experienced in the Plastic & Polymer Industry dealing specially with Plastic Pallets, Plastic Waste Containers and Polymeric Raw Material. 
  • Rodman Sun Polymeric Development Ind. Co. Ltd., as the exclusive export organization is responsible for official exporting and marketing. 
  • Andishe Bartar Miran Ins., as the R&D institute supports IranPlast Group members with technical consultation, testing of production quality and material examining.
The core concern in IranPlast Group is serving timely quality products to those who are seeking for reliable supplier. Vital importance of R&D parallel to the strict application of global quality standards contribute IranPlast Group to be granted demanded Quality CERTIFICATEs. Thanks to our customers’ feedback and continuous supports, we are able to proactively locate and deliver the right product. 

Fresh technical knowledge, detailed market analyses, having access to vast resources of polymeric material and, the most importantly, a customer oriented attitude enable IranPlast Group to take customers’ and suppliers’ little concerns seriously. We use our initiative in meeting precise specifications related to product design, material, molding, etc. as well as market and investment consultations.

Doing our job well at IranPlast Group, is what makes all efforts worthwhile and having our customers trust to come back.